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Light Box

360° Image
Unreal Engine Screenshots

View of interesting shadows when internally lit; lightened spaces indicates the big openings for guiding circulation

Sunlight creates shadows inside the pavilion; narrowed and opening spaces both existing in the pavilion.

Entering to a narrowed space through the big opening provides people interesting experience.

The intimate side of the pavilion in contrast with the two big openings.

Entering to a larger space through the small opening which requires people to bend down to get through.

Hollows in the interior surface.

A1 Template
General Concept:

The basic idea of this design is to create a wooden cabin standing on the grass in the middle of the woods in contrast with the modernity around. Therefore, pinewood and oak are the only materials for this pavilion to achieve a primitive, simple and natural feeling.


The structure is basically developed upon a rectangle box crossing through a big cube using boolean difference which Ive learned from M2 Task2. The box shape kind of provides a relatively formal and serious ambience for lunch time seminar. Curves are added along some of the surfaces to enrich the components of the pavilion and avoid dull appearance, as well as add some intelligent features for a quartet.


The pentagonal patterns are devised for decorative purpose. They not only build interesting looks of themselves but also cast shadows when either internally lit or sunlight passes through the gaps, hence create different views for day time and night time. The idea of using hollowed patterns to cast shadows was developed from M2 Task1. The curve on the surface helps the patterns build a relationship of either merging into the main body structure or being separated from it. The jumping colors of the patterns corporate with the light and shadow effect, create different color distributions during the different time of a day or different light conditions. The curvature of the surface from inside increases the internal space. Hollowed patterns are put through the interior wall to enhance the combination and relationship of difference elements.


Two big openings at the back and the left side where people can easily walk through and gather together make contrast with no entrance at the front and small entrance at the right side where might requires people to bend down or knees down to go through, hence create different view and provide different experience from each side. This idea was also generated upon M2 Task 2. The platform of the small opening also provide an area where people can sit down.


The idea of small opening on the roof was inspired by James Turrells Skyspace Within Without in Canberra NGA. The sphere shape sunken helps collect water during raining and the small pentagonal hollow allows rainwater falls as a column.


The extending eaves provide shelter where people can gather, which increase the available space for the pavilion.

Final Physical Model
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